Faith, Hope & Politics


“…a penetrating work that peers into the soul with conviction and a call to action. This deeply insightful and practical book is a call to action.”

Dr. Adam C. Wright, President, Dallas Baptist University


In a political climate where many people feel powerless or pessimistic, Faith, Hope & Politics is a call to a new generation of leaders to not give up on the public square.

The word politics comes from the Greek word politikos (meaning "of, for, or relating to citizens") and is the process of making decisions applying to all members of the group. The meaning of a “congress” or “council” is a gathering where ideas are hashed out, but instead these names have become synonymous with the places where we disagree. 

How can we overcome the politics of division and polarization?

Author Brent McDougal offers personal narrative, stories of inspiration, and a deep dive into fifteen virtues that future leaders will need to make a lasting impact.

It’s a hopeful, positive vision for what can rise out of our current context — a world in which faith, hope and love can be unleashed to transform individual lives, communities and our nation.

“Brent McDougal lays out a compelling case for millennials to become more politically active. Faith, Hope & Politics illustrates the principles one employs to turn their faith into works in our democracy. I highly recommend the book and its author.”

Judge Clay Lewis Jenkins, Dallas County, Texas


“Is there a way forward in our political climate that can re-stitch the fraying social fabric and deliver a more durable and beautiful tapestry of public life together? Brent McDougal is a student and practitioner of politics and religion, as well as the virtues that underlie them. He proposes the contours of character that will knit us back together, inside and out.”

—George A. Mason
Senior Pastor, Wilshire Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas