Athenian Ethics is a licensed non-profit with the State of Texas. It was launched in 2017 when Dr. Brent McDougal, PhD, recognized the need for a dynamic, proactive organization to bring together ethics professionals, municipal managers and city officials to help cities of all sizes create a culture of ethics.  

Athenian accomplishes this purpose by working with municipalities in a collaborative process, offering free or low-cost resources, consulting and project management so that cities and counties can celebrate the importance of ethical action and encourage such action among elected and appointed officials. Athenian Ethics provides:

1) Consulting and training for city councils, city ethics officers and other managers based on the 8 principles of an ethical culture.

2) Inspiring resources such as a weekly e-newsletter and relevant blog posts for city workers in the field of ethics.

3) A developing network of leaders to encourage one another and collaborate in the field of ethics.


Dr. Brent McDougal, President

Dr. Brent McDougal of Dallas, Texas, grew up with two great loves: politics and religion. At their best, both involve an ongoing dialogue regarding values, beliefs and community activities that lead to a more peaceful and just society.  At their worst, both can cause tension and division, undermining their purpose in culture.

Ethics deals with behaviors based on moral principles. Thus, it rests at the intersection of our beliefs and civic life.  

Dr. Brent McDougal holds a PhD in Political Science as well as a seminary degree. He is the author of Faith, Hope and Politics and contributes regularly for Dr. McDougal has served for the past 4 years as a Commissioner for Dallas' Ethics Advisory Commission. A regular public speaker, facilitator of groups, organizer of community conversations on race and politics, and panel speaker on a variety of topics, Dr. McDougal loves working with city leaders to help create the best community possible.